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Where are they interning/working?

Samantha Beier: City of Tustin: Community Development Administrative Intern: provide support on a variety of project for the planning and building divisions including the Initial Study for the Tustin Housing Element Update, digitization of an annexation map for the City, processing TUPs, Large Gathering Permits, and requests for information, and the preparation of survey materials for residents within the downtown area.

Jay A. Bessette: Redhill: Public Transportation and Water Conservation Data Collection Internship. Urban Land Institute: Edge Development Initiative Council- Student Rep. This Council is working on the Hemet, CA case study conducted in 2010. Hemet became an ideal candidate, given that it has a significant amount of undeveloped land at its western edge, which presents some outstanding opportunities for future growth, but also significant challenges at the environmental, infrastructural, economic and service levels.

Calvin Chan: Urban Land Institute: Place Making Initiative Council-Student Rep. The PIC explores issues surrounding the quality of places, including the intrinsic nature of what makes a great place, what cultural aspects of daily life inform place, how does authenticity and artfulness play a part in the formation of vibrancy of place and how can the revitalization of existing centers begin to re-knit the fabric of the community. This Council is working on the OC Metropolitan Plan of 2035 with an Urban Innovation Grant from the ULI Annual Fund to implement “Reality Check 2.0” in 2013.

Cathy Chea: City of Sacramento: Community Development Intern-processing and preparing analysis reports for Special Permit applications to ensure that projects meet Development Code Standards, assisting the City’s Senior Architect in Design and Site Plan review, and researching and authoring a Guidebook to Sacramento’s Urban Alley Revitalization Projects. Long Beach Transit: Service Development Intern-Fall 2013.

Nick Chen: The Galloway Group: Planner:  work on conceptual community planning schemes for different parcels of land all over California.  Specific plan amendments in order to get certain plans approved and to the construction phase. Serve as the main landscape designer for the various park and residential projects.

Allison Crump: Omnitrans: Transportation Planning Intern: original data collection on public transit systems, federal transportation grant writing, short range transit planning for an upcoming bus rapid transit system, attending meetings and seminars relevant to public transit in the Inland Empire.

Michael Dietz: City of Newport Beach: Community Development Department. Colliers International: Intern

Jason Friedman: Urban Land Institute (ULI): Sustainable Communities Initiative Council-Student Rep. Move LA, a public transportation advocacy group.

Holly Geber: The Marly Fund: Founder/CEO-Responsibilities: Train and Manage the Consultants, Interns, and Volunteers. Manage Educational Scholarship Program, Board of Directors, Accounting, Grant Writing/Fundraising, Event Planning, HR.

Daniyel Grancich: The Redhill Group: Data Research Intern.

Zohreh Khodabandelu: Urban Land Institute (ULI): Places of Commerce Initiative Council-Student Rep.

Jianing Liu: Assistant planner in Beijing Municipal Institute of City Planning and Design. Basically, taking part in two projects: the resettlement planning of Dagong village and the freight development planning of Beijing. Responsibilities- on-site survey and case study for the freight planning and 3D modeling for the resettlement planning to decide an appropriate height for the apartments and make sure the plan can maximize the usable space for the apartments without impacting the scenery and landscape.

Daniel Martinez: Urban Land Institute (ULI): Infrastructure Initiative Council-Student Rep. City of Laguna Niguel: Planning Aid:  Answer questions and provide information to the public regarding zoning, land use and the general plan. Coordinate the plan check process and review grading and building plans for code compliance with discretionary permit approvals. Review sign permits and temporary use permits.

Christina Michaelis: City of Norco, CA:  assisting the public on the phone and at the planning counter with any zoning or land use related questions. Assist with the processing and review of various permit applications including, special event permits, sign permits, site plans, and conditional use permits. Attend Planning Commission meetings and have presented minor projects at these meetings as well. Assist the Economic Development Department with the City of Norco’s public outreach campaign on water conservation. Tasks include securing funding through grant writing, overseeing the development of various marketing materials, and collaborating with both Metropolitan and Western Municipal Water Districts to provide the residents of Norco with water saving devices.

Keelie Rocker: City of Encinitas: Advanced Planning Intern for 1.5 years.

Neil Smolen: Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA): Highway Programs Department: job duties include reviewing technical studies and draft environmental documents, meeting with the construction team and various consultants as needed, and participating in site visits.

Elise Noel Sydora: Redhill: Public Transportation and Water Conservation Data Collection Internship.

Mehgie Tabar: Orange County Communities Organized for Responsible Development (OCCORD): policy research. Redhill Group-data collection

Dat Tran: City of Irvine Planning Intern, Zoning compliance stuff.  Jamboree Housing Business Development Intern:  Research and help expand’s jamboree’s efforts in cities throughout.

Eliza Yu: City of Santa Monica: Public Landscaping Department: Admin Intern-field surveying for their tree verification project (updating their tree inventory which is divided into 27 districts), updating service calls and maintenance logs on their WCA (west coast arborists) database, providing viable vacancies for new trees to be planted in compliance with the city’s urban forest master plan’s recommended tree sites.

Anthony Viera: City of Ranch Santa Margarita: Planning Intern. Works on plan checks, land use planning, economic development, research, GIS, entitlements, and give presentations to the Planning Commission.

Ashley Woods: San Mateo Department of Public Works: assisting with all the Complete Streets and Bike and Ped Projects. I am designing the Bike Corrals for the downtown area, Coordinating the volunteer bike and Ped counts, coordinate a project public outreach session, and create an internal review for bike and Ped infrastructures for the PW dept. Alta Planning + Design: Planning/Design Intern, assisting with various projects that deal with bicycle and pedestrian transportation.