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Bridge Scholarship


BRIDGE Housing has volunteer summer internships their new Newport office
space. There would be a one-time $1,500 – $2,000 stipend at the end of the
internship but no hourly pay.

One position requires strong GIS and analytical research skills and would
help with affordable housing site identification and mapping/database
building (i.e. comfortable with analyzing census data, income and housing
data, working with GIS and excel to present analysis/graphs etc).

The second position is good for someone who is interested in proposal
RFP/RFQ writing and helping with grant/funding application. This requires
strong creative writing, grammar and graphic presentation skills (i.e.
Photoshop, illustrator, PowerPoint would be a plus).

As with all internships there would also be some administrative work
involved (i.e. filing / organization etc). In addition to their projects,
the interns would also gain experience by being able to shadow Project
Managers, Director of Development and the Executive VP at various project
site and design team meetings and will be invited to Affordable Housing
conferences/workshops that BRIDGE sponsors or has a booth at.

Please contact:

Mr. Iman Novin
Project Manager
BRIDGE Housing Corporation
19200 Von Karman Avenue, Suite 600
Irvine, CA  92612 Phone:  949.622.5510

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