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Overall, the UPSA Elections process boils down to 3 arcs: (1) Interest; (2) Campaigning; (3) Voting. The next three sections take apart each of these three arcs and the fundamental components of each time period and general principles. One overall principle, which bears repeating ,is that for anything not explicitly stated in this document should be brought up for discussion in UPSA General Meetings or with UPSA Council members. Engagement in dialogue is the foundation in UPSA activities and if there are questions or disagreements and conflict, the expectation is engagement in dialogue.

Please read the UPSA_Election_Information for more details on the UPSA election process.


The following MURP students are running for 2013 UPSA officer positions.

You can read their personal statements here: Election Statements.

UPSA Elections will be held from December 3-7, 2012. Please adhere to the honor system and vote only ONCEhttp://www.surveymonkey.com/s/HT8VM8K