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Andy Dunlap – Treasurer

My name is Andy Dunlap, your current treasurer for UPSA. I graduated from California State University, Long Beach in 2014 with an Environmental Science and Policy degree in high hopes of learning more about (and understanding) the ways in which humans have affected their environment (for better or for worse) through time, and the ways in which we have responded to these environmental changes (e.g. through CEQA).

As a Long Beach native, I was born and raised in a heavily urbanized environment. The reality of my surroundings coupled with real world environmental issues have allowed me to ponder some of the bigger questions that are either neglected or seldom taken seriously – why are cities not taking sustainable approaches more seriously in the face of looming environmental catastrophes? It is a question that I hold dear, and hope will elucidate the ways in which we can move forward toward a healthier and more sustainable future.

My current educational pursuits aim to combine this thought with the dynamism of cities – for cites are attracting increasingly greater numbers of people through time. The solution should be straightforward then, just aim at making cities more sustainable through the use of effective planning initiatives, right? As many of you first years will eventually realize, the answer is far from being that simple.

I reside at Palo Verde during the given quarters, and within Long Beach during long breaks away from my studies. Transitioning from the lush grasps of Irvine to the semi-polluted city of Long Beach really reveals some critical perspectives that continually intrigue me to this day. I have a cat, a dog, and a koi pond that serve as good company when I’m at home. I additionally hold a keen interest in reading scientific texts, especially those released by world-renown figures such as Neil Degrasse Tyson and Michio Kaku. Now if only math was my greatest attribute..

What’s fascinating about the MURP program is the diversity of perspectives that complement my own – for learning about ways of connecting two seemingly different ideologies can lead to wonderful new ideas about how to tackle a given problem. I know during my time here that these conversations are both valuable and insightful to your intellectual growth. I typically enjoy engaging in these discussions, so feel free to contact me if you hold similar or different views to my own. If you are a first year, I look forward to meeting you!



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